Best Tv for Bright Room – Buyer’s Guide

Phones and Tabs can help us spend our spare time, but no device can compete with Smart TVs’ quality. Putting a Smart TV in a bedroom would be a great choice because it will entertain you with all the features it has to offer.

Best Tv for Bright Room

I will review the five best tv for bright room that you can get right away and make your free time exciting. All of the following smart TVs are reasonable, deliver top-notch display performance, with all the other smart features. Besides, we can see the brands are striving to come up with something innovative and integrate advanced technology in their products to attract a huge market.

Let’s get into the details of the five best Smart TV models from different brands competing with each other, resulting in producing high-quality products.

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Best Smart tv for bright room Comparison Guide 2021

Here is the list of best smart tvs for bright rooms

1- Sony XBR-55A9G Smart TV for bright room

Product Overview

  • Brand                  Sony
  • Display Tech      OLED
  • Resolution          4K
  • Connectivity       Wireless, HDMI, USB, Ethernet
  • Screen size          55 Inches
  • Color                   Black

Let’s begin with this 55 Inch OLED Smart TV by Sony. Sony embraces a stylish design with its A9G model with the integration of Dolby Vision and Atmos. Sony never intends to waste time on the design or overall appearance of its products. That’s why its Smart TVs are decent, elegant, and a perfect piece for your bedrooms.

It is the best smart TV for bright room for many apparent reasons. One of them is the smart yet user-friendly Android Oreo interface. It makes all the settings and the screen menu easy to understand and quick to manage. It also supports built-in Chromecast, which allows you to access Google home and Alexa supporting devices.

Speaking of Alexa, it also supports voice control that helps you control your smart TV and other relative devices with your voice. You can use the feature by pressing the button on your wireless remote control or even directly calling Alexa to perform specific actions. Moreover, the built-in Android interface provides direct access to many online streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Pandora, Spotify, YouTube, etc.

Several other apps will welcome you from the main screen, and you can always add more by using your Android account. Besides, Sony A9G is compatible with HDR content, delivers ultra high definition content. The brightness level is appealing, with 504.27 cd/m2, and the colors have never been such accurate. Surprisingly, the color performance is outstanding with depth and perfect blacks to make the screen’s right image. Smart TVs’ default setting for brightness, contrast, and others is perfect, so I recommend that you not change if necessary. It will also adjust automatically with the type of content you are streaming. So, chill.

Since the size is perfect for the bedrooms, it also offers perfect audio quality, eliminating any external soundbar’s need. The speaker’s volume is loud enough to fill the bedroom, and the dialogue clarity is promising. Furthermore, it offers plentiful connectivity ports, including two USB ports, USB 3.0, four HDMI inputs, a 3.5mm headphone input, a 3.5mm video and receiver port, an Ethernet, and one optical digital port. All of these ports make connecting other devices hustle-free for you to enjoy streaming on this best smart TV for a bedroom.


  • High definition image quality.
  • Voice control.
  • Android Oreo interface.
  • Dolby Vision and IMAX.
  • Game Mode.


  • Elegant design.
  • Best size for bedroom.
  • The audio quality is terrific.
  • Plenty of connectivity inputs.


  • None



2- Samsung TU-8000 Smart TV for bright room

Product Overview

  • Brand                  Samsung
  • Display Tech      LCD
  • Resolution         4K
  • Connectivity      Wireless, HDMI, USB, Ethernet
  • Screen size        43 Inches
  • Color                  Black

Samsung TU-8000 series has valuable products with good performance. The image quality is sharp enough, with a 4K resolution. However,  the smart TV may struggle to deliver the peak brightness level in dark rooms, but you can manage from the menu and adjust accordingly. The upscaling is appealing; the colors are rich yet detailed, and the image sharpness is inspiring with many pixels on the screen.

Moreover, I recommend you to put on the picture mode if you plan to stream the movie. It automatically adjusts the color, motion handling, and other necessary features to make your streaming experience more pleasing. Besides, there is voice control support to help you manage your settings, volume, modes, and others. This 43-inch smart TV for the bedroom supports Alexa and Bixby to make your experience exciting.

Samsung has been struggling to make its standard TVs better for everyone, resulting in an ambient mode add-on in its TU-8000 series. However, it is one of the features of Tizen software, a compelling one among others. It provides a dedicated App, namely SmartThings, which gives you a quick setup of your Smart TV, download your favorite stuff, and manage accordingly. Your smart TV home screen will be more likely your phone screen with easy access to all the installed apps.

The connectivity supports Wi-Fi under the wireless connection, and there are HDMI HDMI ports, two USBs, an Ethernet input, one optical digital, and a CI slot. Hence, the best smart TV for a bedroom has so much to offer at a reasonable price.


  • Ultra-fast processor.
  • Smart Tizen software.
  • `built-in voice control.
  • Crystal display.


  • Decent upscaling.
  • Motion handling is convincing.
  • VESA compatible.
  • Simple design.


  • Poor viewing angles.



3- TCL 43S425 Smart TV for bright room

Product Overview

  • Brand                  TCL
  • Display Tech      LED
  • Resolution         4K
  • Connectivity      Wireless, HDMI, USB,
  • Screen size        43 Inches
  • Color                  Black

For bedrooms, 43-Inch screen size is ideal because it is not too short for ruining the weekend movie plan, or not too big to give a cinema look. TCL 43S425 43-Inch smart TV for the bedroom could be a perfect choice under budget.  It includes all the smart features that any top-notch expensive TV model could offer.

The overall design is convincing, with thick glossy bezels and matte finishing. The TV’s texture won’t distract you as it is elegant enough, while all the connectivity mess locates at the back. The connections include one USB, three HDMI inputs, an ethernet, cable connector, optical digital input, 3.5mm audio and video input/output, and a composite RCA dongle of 3.5mm.

The best quality of this Smart TV is its built-in interface. The Roku TV Platform is incredible for delivering a wide variety of streaming platforms, applications, live channels, and more. To your surprise, you will have direct access to Vue, Vudu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, YouTube, etc.

The Roku TV platform has its personalized library to stream thousands of movies and TV series without any subscriptions. The platform would never let you be bored in your bedroom and make you engaged with the variety of content from your comfort zone. Also, the performance is satisfactory, but it does not support Dolby Vision. You can count it on the color accuracy, but the brightness and contrast are questionable. The response time is also fast enough and allows you to play video games. Besides, input lag is convincing; the motion handling feature also forces us to try casual gaming.


  • Roku TV platform.
  • Voice controls.
  • Native contrast ratio.
  • Accurate and deep colors.


  • Reflection handling is promising.
  • Fast response time.
  • Suitable for casual gaming.
  • Budget-friendly.


  • Lack of advanced gaming features.
  • Poor viewing angles.



4- Insignia NS-43DF710NA21 Smart TV for big room

Product Overview

  • Brand                  Insignia
  • Display Tech      LED
  • Resolution         4K
  • Connectivity      Wireless, HDMI, USB,
  • Screen size        43 Inches
  • Color                  Black

The Insignia 43-Inch smart TV is a powerful, best picture quality TV for the bedroom. It runs at a 60 Hz refresh rate, convincing enough to perform fast while streaming movies, playing games, etc.

The overall design is sleek, and it comes with two feet elegant stand that makes a noticeable difference. Besides, the TV itself is thick from the back, carrying all the connectivity ports. Speaking of connection, the best smart TV for bedroom offers plenty of inputs, allowing you to enjoy all the content you like. Anyways, it provides three HDMI ports, one USB, a 3.5mm headphone jack, ethernet cable, video input/output, and a digital optical port. Sony divides the ports on either side of the TV for easy access without making a mess.

Surprisingly, the performance is convincing of this 43 Inch smart TV. The display colors are vibrant and rich, making the image quality better than its competitors. Streaming movies and TV series become more exciting. However, there are some pitfalls, like local dimming feature could be better. But, no worries! You can adjust some drawbacks at this price tag.

Since Insignia has been relying on the Roku TV platform, but this time, for a change, there will be an Amazon Fire TV OS. It would be an appealing update because it will provide you amazing apps and instant access to multiple online streaming platforms. There will be a built-in voice control for your assistant, with Alexa support.


  • HDR 10 support.
  • 4K Smart TV.
  • Amazon Fire TV OS.
  • Decent response time.
  • High native contrast ratio.


  • Stylish yet thick display.
  • Built-in voice control.
  • 60Hz refresh rate.


  • The ads could be annoying.



5- Toshiba 50LF621U21 Smart TV for big rooms

Product Overview

  • Brand                  Toshiba
  • Display Tech      LED
  • Resolution         4K
  • Connectivity      Wireless, HDMI, USB,
  • Screen size        50 Inches
  • Color                  Black

The Toshiba 50 Inch smart TV is an entry-level, affordable, and stylish TV. It comes with an elegant style, glossy finishing with a plastic bezel all around the screen. The TV’s front is pretty simple, with a Toshiba logo at the middle bottom, whereas you can find all the connectivity ports on the backside.

Toshiba’s Best smart TV for bright room offers three HDMI, one USB, one optical digital port, an ethernet, cable connector input, and RCA video input. It also comes with a simple, user-friendly remote control that has voice control support. The remote is quite big, traditional with three menu buttons and a voice button at the top.

Moreover, Toshiba 4K TV supports HDR 10 format to watch HDR content with color accuracy and sharp details. Several display modes will adjust the settings from default to the content requirement, delivering a satisfactory display performance. Similarly, Toshiba smart TV features built-in downward-firing speakers with several preset modes. The speakers deliver the adequate audio quality, considering a low price.

Furthermore, smart features include Amazon Fire TV OS that manages to provide a more enhanced user experience. It offers multiple streaming platforms and built-in voice control to take your entertainment life to the next level.


  • Amazon Fire TV OS.
  • Wireless connectivity.
  • Color accuracy.
  • Decent reflection handling.
  • The contrast ratio is high.


  • Pocket-friendly.
  • Smart features.
  • Built-in voice control.
  • Built-in suitable speakers.
  • Lots of connectivity options.


  • Poor viewing angles.




The 5 Best Smart TV For Bright Room – Buyers’ Guide

Having a smart TV in the bedroom can be more exciting because you don’t have to leave your comfort zone to stream your favorite movie or TV Series. Also, smart TV is not limited to streaming content; it also allows you to play several video games from your couch’s comfort.

The traditional old-school TVs did not give us opportunities to go beyond watching cartoons or typical dramas. Since the era is getting advanced, we want to look outside our phones or tabs, so opting for a smart TV would be an inspiring break.

However, updating from traditional TV to a Smart TV can be stressful for new beginners. Because there are so many optional features, several qualities that you choose to get, various screen sizes confuse us in deciding. Anyways, this best Smart TV for bedroom Buyers guide will help you determine the perfect piece for your bedroom.

The guide will teach you basic stuff that you should be looking for while getting a smart TV for yourself. After all, learning before taking a step is always a good idea. So, without further ado, let’s see what the deal is with smart TVs.

  • Screen Size

First of all, the most important and basic thing to consider is your smart TV screen size. A display size plays a vital role in providing you quality performance because you should be careful about your room size and the difference between your TV table and bed.

If your room is big enough and you plan to mount your TV on the wall, you should get a TV range between 43 Inches to 50 Inches. It is a standard size for big rooms. However, setting a Smart TV on a table can also add value to the room décor, especially if you have any soundbar to place beside it. Ensure you are making an eight to nine-foot distance from the screen for a better viewing experience.

The smart TV display panel can also improve or ruin the viewing angles, so be thoughtful about it according to your room requirements.

  • Display performance

What is the point of smart TV when it can not deliver the best picture quality and not fast enough to perform under different modes?

Resolution determines the delivery of image quality. The more resolution your smart TV occupies, the more accurate the picture you get to see on display. When the display emits more pixels, the image will be sharper with fine details. In old times, full HD resolution was a part of every Smart TV. But since the technology is getting advanced, the TVs are shifting from a standard (HD) to Ultra HD, also called 4K.

4K  resolution is a new standard of any entry-level best smart TV. 4K resolution will show the little details of the object with rich colors. 4k TVs are more reasonable than the 8K ones that are better than 4K with noticeable differences.

  • HDR

Make sure your new Smart TV for the bedroom is HDR compatible. Especially if you a sucker for rich and vibrant colors on display, you should be thinking about getting HDR. HDR is an abbreviation of High dynamic range, which means delivery of colors, brightness, contrast according to the content playing.

Many online streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon prime are making HDR or HDR 10 content, so it is becoming necessary for TV brands to integrate this feature.  Dolby’s vision is also an interesting add-on, creates noise reduction and surround sound, playing an all-rounder for display and sound systems.

  • Connectivity Inputs

The other essential quality of any smart TV is the amount of connectivity input it offers. Remember, the more inputs you get, the more valuable the smart TV becomes. HDMI, USB, optical digital cable, etc., allow you to connect many possible devices with your smart TV  and will enable you to make the most out of it.

The USB port allows you to charge your phones; the HDMI ports enable the chance of pairing gaming consoles, and the Ethernet cable work as an alternative to the wireless internet connection. Most brands also offer video input and output ports for digital devices and a headphone jack for private listening.

  • Gaming Features

A smart TV proves to be an all-rounder if you are aware of its usage. Yes, you can also use your TV to play different games. So, if you are a gaming freak, always look for gaming features and never compromise depending on the price they are offering.

An entry-level or affordable smart TV must offer fast response time, good reflection handling, rapid refresh rate so you will have a good experience in action games. Moreover, low input lag can be a convincing add-on. Variable refresh rate and G-Sync, Free-Sync would be an inspiring addition, and if any smart TV is offering these features, you should definitely go for it. G-sync will eliminate the chance of screen earing in fast-paced games.

So, always look for gaming features to have a weekend full of entertainment with your friends and family.

  • Smart Features

Always remember, smart features and gaming features are two different things. Smart features include a stable wireless connection and other qualities that a traditional TV could not afford to offer.

The built-in Operating system or software is a critical element of any smart TV. Every TV brand has a different OS that makes the TV exciting and user-friendly. Most brands offer an Android TV interface, and almost everyone is familiar with it because of Android phones. It has a simple menu, built-in voice control, multiple apps, and several streaming platforms. However, you need an Android account to download more stuff to your smart TV for the bedroom.

Similarly, Samsung has a specialized OS, namely Tizen. It also works like any other operating system. It requires making an account to start streaming different content. It allows you to download multiple apps, whether it is for gaming or any online streaming.

At last, the most famous operating system is Roku TV. It is a more user-friendly interface than any other. The menu is simple, allows you to make various changes over a wireless remote control. It also offers voice control support to make your browsing easy and exciting. Like any other smart software, it also requires you to sign up for an account to access broad features. But, you can also stream hundreds of free movies, TV series, documentaries, TED talks, audiobooks, etc., on the Roku platform.

  • Sound system

Good audio quality is a must while streaming movies and playing games. Always opt for an advanced sound system to have dialogue clarity and lots of drivers to keep the balance of tweeters or bass.

A good sound system will save you spending money on soundbars. Demanding the best speakers with adjustable audio performance should be on your list.

  • Price

Smart TVs are not expensive; they cost you according to the features and technology they are offering. It would be great to decide your budget beforehand and be clear about the qualities you are looking for.

Smart TVs come in different sizes, designs, have several features, exceptional technology integration, etc., and their price depends on such factors. It’s better to set a budget beforehand and then explore the market accordingly. However, if your desired model costs extra than your budget, do not hesitate to make an exception. The best Smart TV should deserve your extra penny.



  • What TV size is suitable for a bedroom?

43 Inches screen size is the standard one for the bedrooms. However, if your room is big and you can afford it, then you might make an exception and opt for bigger ones.

  • Where to put a TV in a bedroom?

It’s better to set your smart TV across your bed for better viewing angles. Suppose you plan to mount it on the wall and do it better in front of your bed. Or at least find a suitable angle from your couch.

  • What is the best among Smart TV or LED TV?

Basically, Smart TV is a TV with Wi-Fi or other internet connectivity ports. Your LED TV can be the Smart TV is it has such smart features.

  • Why should you have a Smart TV in a bedroom?

Place a Smart TV in your bedroom for comfort streaming your favorite movies. You can also play games when you can’t sleep without disturbing others at night.



Smart TV is a new and exciting add-on to our entertainment life. It has made our life pretty much better and bright harmony to those long boring nights. I have mentioned some of the best Smart TVs for a bedroom that are easy to use, pretty in style, and most importantly, would not be hard on your pockets.

The buyer guide will help you learning key elements, in case you are not aware beforehand, and help you make an appropriate decision.

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