Can Smart TV Download Apps?

Can Smart TV Download Apps

Smart TV is the talk of smart towns. For the last few years. It is an excellent innovation for those who are entertainment sucker. Smart TV is like your all-other regular TVs, except you can connect it to the internet. It offers several options to connect your TV with the internet, including an Ethernet cable … Read more

Can TV Damage Your Eyes?

Can TV Damage Your Eyes

In recent years, the most debatable topic is whether streaming too much TV can damage your eyes and how much distance one should maintain to save eyes from any damage. Still, the latest research has concluded that Sitting excessively near the TV isn’t unsafe to the eyes, yet seeing too much TV can be hurtful. … Read more

Compare 4K TV vs HD TV – Ultimate Guide

Compare 4K TV vs HD TV

When you stream your favorite movie and play the most exciting game, your uppermost priority is seeing the rich colors on the TV. Image quality, color accuracy, and peak brightness with a decent contrast ratio play a vital role in delivering fantastic display performance. And here we see brands producing TVs with 4K and HD … Read more