Compare 4K TV vs HD TV – Ultimate Guide

When you stream your favorite movie and play the most exciting game, your uppermost priority is seeing the rich colors on the TV. Image quality, color accuracy, and peak brightness with a decent contrast ratio play a vital role in delivering fantastic display performance.

And here we see brands producing TVs with 4K and HD resolution display. However, brands are making all the new models with 4K display resolution, and it’s not late to say we would not see HD TVs in the coming years. Mostly, all the Smart TVs are coming with a 4K Resolution type alongside other latest built-in technologies.

Compare 4K TV vs HD TV

4K and HD TV both defines the resolution on a display they are offering. The resolution is a pixel count that is responsible for forming a picture on display. Do not confuse yourself with the marketing name used for both resolution types. Full, FHD, 1080p are the names for HD TV. In comparison, 4K has different names like 2160p, Ultra HD, and UHD.

HD resolution defines the number of pixels as 1920 x 1080 on the screen. In contrast, 4K resolution is four times better than previous, about 3840 x 2160 pixels. That is the most basic comparison between both resolution types. In the case of resolution, we say the more, the better. There will be a more exact image you get to see on display when more pixels combine together. And where the more pixels are, the image will be more transparent and natural. Similarly, the 1080p image is quite blurred, whereas the 4K images are smoother and full of life.

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Compare 4K TV vs HD TV

Since the 4K Resolution is a more advanced technology that enhances the overall display quality, you may find most apps still limited to 1080p content. HD TVs were there for a long time before 4K hit the market, and all the content was HD compatible. So now, the online content streaming providers are making considerable efforts to produce 4K compatible content to attract more users to their sites. The most common apps where you can stream 4K content are Netflix, Amazon, Disney Plus, etc. Other ones are still in the race of producing. Moreover, how the gaming consoles could be left behind? All the latest models like PS4 Pro and Xbox Series X also vow to provide 4K experience.

Furthermore, we can not avoid the fact that the 4K display gives you a cinematic vibe while considering HD TV as the standard option for regular use. The games are much better with 4K, and we are noticing the HDMI and USB connections are also getting familiar with 4K TVs.

Finally, if we compare 4K and HD TV price tags, we find 4K TVs to be relatively expensive.  We assume the latest technology and rising demand for 4K TVs could involve high price. However, I must say the performance it delivers is worth the price.

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