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How Many Calories do I burn a Day?


Most of us know there is more to a healthy lifestyle than counting calories and keeping track of them, but if one of your goals is to lose weight, then it becomes vital to learn and understand about it.

Calories are energy units widely used to quantify food (you could also call them kcals). According to NHS, our bodies store waste as fat if we eat and consume more calories than we need. Naturally, this can lead to weight gain too.

Calories believed to be the ultimate enemy of every person, be it a man or women mostly are trying to get hold of it. Unfortunately, everyone wants to become fit, but nobody is interested in learning the science behind it.  Before losing weight, it is necessary to determine first how many calories daily do you burn, and after that, you can set your goals regarding daily nutrition.

Daily Routine And Burning Calories:

Do you know you burn calories every day, and this burning won’t happen by exercise but is possible by your very own daily routine? Yes! You burn calories by your normal daily routine activities.  Some of them are as follows. (Note: following chart is according to a 70kg/ 155 lb person)

Gutter cleaning 186
Gardening 167
Washing car 167
Playing with kids 149
Walking 3.5mph 149
Grocery shopping 130
Cooking 93
Office work (light) 56
Standing inline 47
Reading 42
TV watching 28
Sleeping 23


If you get to do any of this activity for at least 30 minutes during the whole day, you can burn the calories according to the written amount.

To understand how much calories do an average 70kg human being burn per day, the first thing that needs to understand is the metabolic rate at resting.



The body continuously performs some functions like Cells repairing, regulation and building, and this is the reason you are alive. Burning of calories while resting is called the resting metabolic rate. The body needs the energy to function correctly, and this energy is gain from the metabolism of calories. If a person is consuming 3000 calories per day and he is also burning those 3000 calories so there will be no gain of weight, but he is only burning 2500 out of 3000, so he will gain weight at the rate of 1 pound per week.

Measuring Metabolic Rate:  

There are many methods to calculate metabolic rate most commonly used are:

  1. By Equation: Harris-Benedict equation is the most used equation for the rough estimation of metabolism. It gives the idea of the calories needed by the person to maintain his or her body weight. In this equation, the basal metabolic rate multiplies by the level of daily activity. The BMR is calculated by using age, sex and weight. For men and women, the formula varies. The activity level divides into the following categories:
  • Sedentary: 1.2 (no exercise)
  • Lightly active: 1.375 (exercise 1-3 days/ week)
  • Moderate active: 1.55 ( exercise 3-5 days/wee)
  • Very active: 1.725 ( hard exercise every day)
  • Extra active: 1.9 (training)

All of this can be done simply by using online calculators as well. Apart from this Mifflin ST. Jeor equation also uses the above mention factors that are age, weight and sex to calculate metabolic rate

  1. Lab Test: In this test, calorimetry helps to determine the in and out of gases that is oxygen and carbon dioxide level in the body. In this process, it is necessary to place a helmet on the head. And there is a tube that must attach to the helmet. The air push out of the mask through the tube from where the computer connects to the tube. It records the level of gases in the body. Alongside the urine sample is also necessary to submit, and the reason is the determination of nitrogen excretion from the body. When the essential information gathers, you can prepare an equation with the name of Weir. That’s how you can calculate the metabolic rate.


The lab test is considered more accurate than the online calculators.




Men and Women Burn Calories Differently

Yes, it is not necessary that both genders burn the same amount of calories. If we make a rough estimation about this, then the women who work or exercise a little burn around 1600Kcals as compared to those who have a more active lifestyle, they burn about 2400kcals. Moreover, the Men who have sedentary lifestyle burn around 2000kcals in a single day, whereas men with a busy and active lifestyle can burn around 3000kcals. In average, Men van burns more calories in a day as compared to women.



Around 30% of calories you can burn by daily routine. If an average person keeps this in mind and follows a proper and healthy lifestyle, one can surely not have a problem with weight gain.

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