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How many calories in a banana?


Bananas are one of the most popular and healthy fruits, among others. They contain several other nutrients in them as well.

One of the universal truths that everyone learns about eating healthy is that fruit is right for your health. So, it’s kind of strange that many low-carb diets say you should swear bananas off.Page 4 | Royalty-free banana plant photos free download | Pxfuel

We generally consider Bananas are very nutritious, but we don’t know how many calories it contains.

Let’s jump to the facts and calculations. A healthy, medium-size banana contains 27 grams of carbs, which would be equal to two slices of white bread and nearly 14 grams of sugar. This sugar residue in the fructose, it is a regular not so harmful sugar that the body quickly digests and can lead to spikes of blood sugar and insulin. This sugar is not even close to the sugar we use as added sugar, or like we add to our coffee. However, this sugar is a complete source of potassium. It also contains Vitamins C & B6, fibre, and of course, inflammation-fighting antioxidants.


Sizes of Banana and Calories

As we all know that bananas come in different sizes and different sizes contain different numbers of calories. We list down all possible sizes along with their weight and calories they contain.

Extra Small Banana

The extra small banana that would around less than 6 inches and about 81g contains 72 calories.

Small Banana

The small size banana which is 6-7 inches and 101g contains approximately 89 calories.

Medium Banana

The medium size that is 7-8 inches and 118g contains 105 calories.

Large Size Banana

Large size banana which is about 8-9 inches and 136g contains not less than 121 calories in total.


Extra-large Banana

We also see extra-large bananas that would be around 9 inches long or 152g contains 135 calories.

Besides, sliced bananas and Mashed bananas also have rich calories of about 134 and 200. Also, a regular banana shake contains 610 calories. Yet, we got your back if you can not measure your banana and still confuse about the sizes or grams. You just need to keep in mind that the average banana contains 100 calories.


Nutrition Facts

Let’s have a look at the nutrition facts of a banana and see how much fat, protein, carbs and fibre makes calories in a single banana.

I’m going to talk about a small banana that is 6-7 inches long and weigh around 101g contains 89 calories in total.

So, these 89 calories itself contains 0.3g Fat, 22.8g Carbs, 2.6g Fibre and around 1.1g protein. Other than that, 89 calories banana also contains other nutrients like 12.2g sugar (not harmful), 65mg Vitamin A and 9mg Vitamin C, 5mg Calcium and 358mg Potassium. It also contains 22.8g Carbohydrates in total.


Banana and weight loss

If you are not consuming bananas considering they are rich in calories, so you might reconsider avoiding these yummy and healthy fruit.

Calories in a banana won’t come between you and your weight loss plan. They are rich in nutrients that would support a healthy weight. So, you can eat bananas even when you are trying to lose weight and not worry about the calories they have.


Burn Banana Calories

After discussing the number of calories and other nutrients in banana, we are going to tell you how you can burn your banana calories if you still have any doubt that it may interfere in your weight loss plan. You can try these following tricks to burn off your calories.

Note: It is according to the 89 calories or after consuming a small banana. And it bases on a 54-year-old woman who weighs around 144lbs.


If you want to burn off 89 calories, 7 minutes swimming will help you.


Ten minutes of Jogging help you burn the calories any small size banana contains.


If you do cycling for around 14 minutes, you don’t have to worry about calories a single banana gives your body.


Twenty-five minutes walk after eating a banana would help you burn off the calories.


Health Benefits of Banana

This curvy yellow fruit has so many health benefits. Bananas are known to minimise swelling, protects against developing type 2 diabetes. It also helps with weight loss, improves the nervous system and helps with white blood cell production, all due to the presence of high levels of vitamin B6.

Moreover, According to the latest research, bananas are rich in antioxidants that can protect against free radicals that we cross paths with every day, from the sunlight to the lotion that you put on your skin.

Bananas are an outstanding source of potassium, a mineral electrolyte that helps balance the fluids in your body, making bananas a perfect snack after a workout. One large banana contains about 487mg potassium — more than 10% of the daily needs of an average adult.


Don’t consider bananas as your enemy. If you are weight conscious, you should focus on your overall diet you consume and make a habit of exercise instead of thinking about any fruit. A single banana in a day won’t harm you.


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