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How Many Calories Should I Eat for Weight Loss?


When you are talking about losing some pounds, the first thing needed
in consideration is the calories count. But before that, one should know
what calories are? Why are they so important? And what is their
relationship with weight loss?


Well, we are well aware of the fact that everything around us in running
position needs some kind of energy. Be it an automobile or a machine;
energy is vital for everything. Same as that the human body also needs
its fair share of energy to function all day long. And this energy is
provided by the calories present in your body. Well, the process that
follows is that when you consume food, so it contains calories and that
calories are responsible for the heat generation, which ultimately
provides energy to the body. The calories are stored and burned inside
the body so that they can be the fuel for the body.
So always remember calories is not something which is only considered
by the people who are trying to lose fat; it is essential for everyone.


Understanding the relationship between calories and weight is quite
easy. If you are consuming enough calories and have a more active
lifestyle, then there’s a chance that you won’t maintain the level of
calories and lose weight. However, if you are consuming calories than
your average need, most likely you’ll gain weight more than you
imagine. So, it is best to maintain the calories level by balancing your
calory intake and your lifestyle.


There are so many online counters are available for checking calories
level, which helps many people to keep a track on their calories. The
counters only take some information like age, weight, gender and
activity level and calculate the number of calories that you are
considering how many do you need and how many do you need to lose.


Well, in general, the calories need for women and men is different. In
women an average 70kg weighted needs 2000 calories/day and when she
needs to lose weight, she should consume around 1500 calories/day this
will help her to lose weight around 1 pound/week.
In men, the amount needed is 2500 calories/day, and he advice take
2000 calories/day so that they can lose a pound every week.


It is not only food that is contributing to calorie burn, but the activity
you perform in your daily life also has an impact on calories you gain or
loss. It is essential to have some kind of activity in daily routine. You
should always remember that action is not related to physical activity,
but it is related to every aspect of your life. You are burning calories
even when you are sleeping, yes! Some amount of calories you burn
when you are sleeping or watching T.V, but this does not mean that you
only sleep and leave all the physical activities your body needs.


If you are interested in losing weight, so you better start functioning
because the more you do exercise, the more pounds you will lose.
It is not necessary to do the gym only to lose weight, and you can lose an
immense amount of weight by mowing the stuff, by swimming, by
walking, by washing the car, by cycling etc. Just choose the one in
which you are comfortable and enjoy doing, and you will start burning
calories with excitement.


Losing weight does not mean that you start starving yourself. You
should eat food that is healthy and fulfilling. It is better to choose whole
food rather than processed food. If the quality of food you eat is up to
mark so, you will quickly lose some pounds.
You can consider these food items in your diet plan.

  • Have vegetables in your diet plan
    Try to lessen the amount of sugar in your diet.
  • Add more protein in your food.
    Avoid having Carbs.
    Drink plenty of water.
    Do not skip a meal
    Have food on proper decent timings.
    Make a Habit of walking or exercise.

Bottom Line

So, Losing weight is super easy if you make your life simple and have
more activities in it. Reducing your calories doesn’t mean to starve
yourself. You just need to maintain a healthy lifestyle, add some
exercise habits in your routine, and a simple diet plan would help you
reduce your calories level and satisfies you.

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