How to Connect Non-Smart TV to WIFI [EASILY]

How to Connect Non-Smart TV to WIFI

Gone are the days when we used to watch regular TV channels on TV. Now, Netflix and Youtube are the talks of the town. Netflix, Youtube, and Hulu TV, and similar streaming networks provide access to your favorite content faster, and cheaper. Here is the kicker: If you are stuck with an old generation non-smart … Read more

Which is Better, Smart TV vs LED TV?

Smart TV vs LED TV

When you plan to give your bedroom a complete makeover, upgrading to the new TV is always a good idea. Of course, after the latest trendy furniture. But, considering the vast TV Market with lots of options and display choices, it gets a little hard to select that one TV you always imagine in your … Read more

Can Smart TV Download Apps?

Can Smart TV Download Apps

Smart TV is the talk of smart towns. For the last few years. It is an excellent innovation for those who are entertainment sucker. Smart TV is like your all-other regular TVs, except you can connect it to the internet. It offers several options to connect your TV with the internet, including an Ethernet cable … Read more

Best Smart TV Under $500 – Buyer’s Guide

Best Smart TV Under 500

Decorating a room is always exciting, and TV is the most meaningful item to put in a bedroom. It can keep us busy with lots of entertainment and transform our boring nights into full of leisure. Smart TVs are a valuable add-on to life for all the exciting elements it brings along. However, smart TVs … Read more